Hey, I’m Leona!


I’m an accredited and certified Transformational Life Coach and I love supporting women to make positive, sustainable changes to their lives. I don’t believe in ‘quick fixes’. I believe in long lasting change, and that doesn’t happen overnight! It takes conscious effort, consistency, pushing through your comfort zone and digging deep to get to know yourself on a deeper level. This is where the REAL change takes place!


My story

Not so long ago, my life looked pretty different! Maybe not to others from the outside – I had a loving husband and two great kids, a good job and a nice house, I had everything I needed really!  But on the inside, I felt there was something missing but I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was. I felt like my days ran me, I was on the hamster wheel of life that often felt like groundhog day.

I felt burned out, working full-time and spending the rest of the day sorting things for the kids and the house. I rarely took time to do things for myself that I enjoyed – partly because I didn’t even know what I enjoyed, and partly because I felt guilty if I took time for myself (although I not only needed it, I craved it!).

I had no balance in my life and I felt lost – like I was detached from the real me!

Since having kids I felt my identity as a person had changed and got stuck somewhere along the way in limbo!

After moving back to Scotland from Australia where I had lived for 9 years, adapting to a new way of life felt hard and not what I expected. But as I know now (I didn’t back then!), all challenges present opportunities and this is where my personal development journey began. It was the start of a new journey for me that would slowly change my life! I started to really do the ‘inner work’ on myself – I got to know myself again and what I wanted my life to be like. I came to realise that I am the creator of my life and the actions I take create my reality. The actions I take determine the person I become. 

When you realise you are in charge of your own life and you get to control how your story goes, it is LIFE-CHANGING!


Life coaching was instrumental in changing many things in my life – my mindset, how I live my daily life, my approach to life, how I handle situations, my communication and listening skills – it really had such a positive ripple effect on all areas of my life.

I went from burnout to balance, prioritising my own needs without the guilt creeping in!

And this is why I support other women to make the changes they crave! I have been through a transformation myself and so I know what is possible. And so I am here to share my learnings in the hope that it inspires and empowers you to take charge of your life and turn your dreams into your reality!


Others Feel


"I absolutely loved working with Leona and got so much from it. I was burnt out from working ridiculous hours, but I was almost wearing my burnout like a badge of honour. Fast forward a few months and I've transformed. I' e set boundaries with my work and family, I've rediscovered my values and re-prioritised my life to reflect them, I' e started taking care of myself in a way that I never have before. My relationships have improved and and I'm much happier. I even sleep and look better!"

"I can't thank Leona enough. I started my coaching sessions feeling completely disorganised and overwhelmed both personally and professionally. The tools that I have gained through the sessions have been invaluable and I am definitely starting 2022 on a much better path and feeling stronger."

"My first coaching experience is one I'll never forget. I am eternally grateful for my time working with Leona. I began my journey afraid of my own emotions, fearful of others opinions and saturated in limiting beliefs. I ended by embracing my truth, speaking authentically and showing up as my unapologetic self. I feel as though I have flourished into the person I was always destined to be."

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